Honey, I'm hooome!

Hello there! I'm back from an incredible, fantastic, marvellous vacation in the mountains. Fairytale white snow, chilly wind, warm feelings, beautiful landscapes:

What about you? Did you make those wishes? Here we go, off to the start to get them real!

Right now I'm doing a bit of catching up on what happened around the world these days. Reading the iCiNG posts I've missed, I'm happy to find that purple could possibly be the color of this year! Ok, definitely too thrilled for words. Please check Gala's complete post on 2008 fashion predictions to get inspired; it's fantastic as usual, and the items there are hmmm, yummy?

Special 2008 recipe for that fantastic start:

Dance your way to the kitchen, grab some cake & treat yourself with a delicious cup of tea. Now you're more than ready for this mega mix:

This year is going to be amazing, feel it?

Sweet treats,

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