Go for feathers and fly away

I have had for quite a while a bunch of colored feathers lying around waiting to be used. Recently, I've rediscovered them again and I remembered about a post that Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style had a while ago (funny, now that I look at the date, it's exactly one month ago). She designed herself a headband using black feathers.

As you can see, the feathers I have come in various sizes and have way too many patterns. So I decided to pick only the green ones. Took an old headband and attached them carefully, then sewed them just enough to make sure they won't fall off. Here's the result:

...and some close-ups:

Sweet treats,


  1. I like it very much! And green is a good color to choose.

  2. Yup! Great work. I like the fact that you find it so easy to pick up stuff lying around, sew it, stick it and turn it into something usable. Whenever I get such an urge I turn to one of my trusted computer precision design programs. :p

  3. Why thank you! I'm blushing over here. I really appreciate your comments :)


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