If all else fails, go deep blue

I've been dreaming all winter about wearing socks with a pair of heels but never really got the chance to do it. When it comes to weather, there's nothing I can do. Well, suppose I'll just have to wait some more before I can go out wearing something like this:

And probably, by the time I get to do it, it will be way too warm for the scarf. Anyway, this is what I actually wore:

Sure, the shoes look nice with these blue socks, but I had to ditch them for a pair of boots because it's too chilly outside.

Somebody call the weather genie and lock her up! Nothing makes sense anymore, does it?

Sweet treats,


  1. I love the colours of the outfit, even if you had to change to snowboots, and whether never does seem to do what we want does it?

  2. Sweet outfit, I like the blue peeking out beneath the orange. Weather does toy with our clothing desires.

  3. The color combination reminds me of the Prada fall collection. I love how you worked the orange and blue so well.

  4. Love the outfit! By the way, where did u get those orange socks or whatever they are? Because I just can't seem to find something like that in shops and I like them so much! Thanx! :)

  5. Hey, Ralu, thanks! Well, they are legwarmers and I've gone through some difficult times trying to find myself a pair. Sadly, downtown shops don't sell items like these. So I ended up thrifting them from a shop near me, at a very small price. They didn't come with a label or anything, but they are in perfect condition :)

  6. kudos to the girl that matches her scarf with the socks!!!!
    interesting choice of colors!


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