Couture shoes selection

Let's start with the most classy of them all, from Armani Prive. Now, these is the real walking-in-style:

Notice the contrast between the shoes and the purse in the first photo? It's fabulous, we should try to use it more often. Contrasts like these make an outfit set apart from others.

On we go to get a funky twist. See how one pair of shoes can be styled in so different ways? Watching and learning from Lacroix:

On the soft side, flats go couture, big style! Karl Lagerfeld does it again; light and fresh, these are breathtaking:

One, two, buckle my shoe! Riccardo Tisci brings for Givenchy strapped sandals, gladiator style, worn with matching tights:

Sweet treats,


  1. Lovely selections. I actually like Lacroix's the best because of the pattern.

  2. i love the gold givenchy gladiator-type ones, and even though the tights are so ladytron, wih is quite passe by now, i really do like them..
    all the lagerfield flats are winners, as are the lacroix's
    the pattern is so great :)
    and the armani's are beautifully simple and elegant, as always
    nice :)


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