Nailpolishmania follow-up

Remember my recent nailpolishmania post? So, yesterday was the first time I used my new nailpolish and guess what: it's the best ever!
I thought that was says on the bottle (1 second/nail) is just a marketing stunt, but it's not. In fact, you don't need more than a brush stroke per nail. There's no risk in getting the top of the fingers covered in polish, you couldn't even if you wanted to. The special form of the brush does the trick:

It dries in no-time: 50 seconds. Yeap, this too is for real, I couldn't believe my nails! And another thing: it's a single layer formula, meaning that you actually don't need more than one layer. Oh, and it's brightness! I've been totally blown away, see?

Of course, since this is the first time I use it, it didn't come out perfect, but it's a close one I tell you. Now I know it's secrets and can't wait to redo my manicure!

So, the Bourjois 1 second takes all 5 stars. Do try it with your nails, it's a pleasure using it!

Sweet treats,

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  1. are you kidding? for a first time its great!! i'd brush it all over the place! i love the colour and its very radiant


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