DIY: boxes

Today I went in a shop where things for DIY activities are sold. They sell all kinds of paint, ribbons, paper, get the point. So, I spent like half an hour studying the place (this is the amount of time I spend each time I walk into this shop). Finally, I got to talk with this very nice woman, in charge of the place, and she explained a lot of things to me, answering my every question.
What attracted most of my attention were some wooden boxes, in all shapes and sizes. I liked them so much, I asked the lady how they were done, so she explained to me the whole process. I bought the materials, went home and here's what came out:

In case you want one for yourself, this is what you need:

- wooden box;
- colored paint;
- nice napkin - pick one with a retro twist, it looks spectacular! - cut up the part you want to put on the box;
- glue;
- ribbon;

First paint the box and wait until it dries completly. Then, use glue to apply the napkin on the lid. Finally, add a nice ribbon, and you're done!

Now I can store my jewellery in some custom made boxes. I'm so happy! Can't wait to make some more, they could make some great Christmas presents ;)

Sweet treats,


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