D guide to get you in the Christmas mood

1. Scented everything!

Try a new smell for your shampoo. Go for vanilla& cinnamon. This combo is perfect for this time of year! You will feel this great smell whenever wind blows through your hair. I've tested it and, believe me, it really works!

2. Youtube carols

I'm a huge fan of classical carols. Consider singalongs also, they are so funny! This is one is sang by Frank Sinatra. It almost sounds cozy, if you know what I mean:

Also, you should see this video and this one.

3. Try attending a special Christmas course

I, for example, found a shop which hosts around this time of year various courses on subjects like wrapping gifts and making your own Christmas decorations. I suggest googleing your city and find out if something similar is going on somewhere in your town. I'm sure you can find something entertaining and practical at the same time! Give it a shot!

4. Wear something red

Red is the color of Christmas. put on a nice red dress and go out in town! Or just dress up for no special occassion at all. And, even funnier, put on a Santa hat and fool around!

5. Start the perfect Christmas tree hunt

It doesn't take having a huge tree to feel the holiday spirit. It can be more than enough having a little one on your desk. Just decorate it with some snowflakes and there you have it to cheer up your days!

6. Candles and handmade Christmas decorations

Now, I've already mentioned attending a special course, but if you can't find one in your town, try these tricks:

  • tie together (use silky ribbons) a bunch of coloured globes, in different shapes and sizes. Hang them from your ceiling or outside, in the balcony.
  • cut up snowflakes or little reindeers (or santas or stars for that matter) and stick them on your window. You can also cut up a cute snowflake and decorate one single corner of your window. So cute!
  • attach a red ribbon on a branch and put it on the front door.

Plan a special evening, play carols, eat gingerbread and light your house with candles. They create an intimate atmosphere. Have some best friends over!

7. And most important: don't let anyone fool you Santa doesn't exist!

Ok, I'm not joking, Santa can be a kind greeting or a helping hand. Santa can be a single word or just the traditional presents. Santa can be a thought, a wish or that surprise you're waiting for. Santa is in everyone and everything. Santa's not letting anyone down!

Sweet treats,

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