Why less is more (this is a geek post)

I have been window-shopping for a new phone for a long time. Well, not that I didn't find anything, it's just I didn't find one about I could finally say "Looove it!".
There are several factors to include in taking a phone decision: looks, looks, color and looks. I never had this craze of having a phone with camera or anything like that. For me, it's like: "Does it have buttons, a screen and can you speak on it?". You get the point.

So, this is my old phone.

And here is my new phone-crush.

Minimalist? Check!
Black and white? Check!
Large screen and characters? Check!
Sleek? Check!
Can I speak on it? Check!
Am I a major sucker for it? Totally!

Oh, and I also added a nice green turtle pendant. Photos coming soon! (I always hated my old phone for not having the possibility to attach a pendant. Grrr... oh well, I suppose I'll buy lots of those from now on!)

Sweet treats,

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  1. WRAAAAAAAAH!!! The new phone looks fantastic! I'm getting a new phone too soon. I can pick it up at the postal office any day now ;)


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