Update #2

What I'm up to lately:

  • listening to: Siobhan Donaghy - Ghosts; you might remember her, she left the Sugababes for a solo career. Her 2007 album, Ghosts, sounds great! Nothing I would have expected, it was quite a surprise. A nice one.

  • always with me, ideal for the cold season: a really good (and small) hand cream. You never know when your hands might need and extra-portion of hydratation!

  • reading: I've switched to reading books about fashion, getting to know the insight of the fashion world; going behind scenes, you know. Also, I really enjoy a little bit of 'light' and entertaining literature to get my mind off my daily routine. How does some Sophie Kinsella sound? Pair it with a hot cup of tea and there you have it, the perfect evening.

  • watching: oh well, snowflakes falling...

  • plans: I'm so thrilled with making plans for the New Year's Eve! Yay!!! Oh, and only when I think about Christmas...really, I can't wait! Do you have any plans yet?

Sweet treats,


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