Recent outfit

This is one of my latest fashion inventions. As it's getting colder and colder outside (yesterday it actually snowed, I'm still amazed by that), I have to constantly reinvent my outfits so they get wearable in this weather.

Here comes in layering, which I generally like using; it keeps you warm while looking stylish! In this outfit I wore a white summer dress underneath a long sweater.

Also in the outfit:
  • purple blouse, glasses and nails;

  • my 80s black boots, one of my recent obsessions;

  • brown belt and bag (the belt can't be seen too well, I tryed to sort of fix this in the second photo);

  • black hat, Proenza Schouler Fall 07 style (I must add I'm in looove with this collection, this is my favourite outfit);

  • blue necklace/bracelet.


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