Hand - painting day

I'm part of the group which organises the welcome party for the first year students. I've been quite busy sending emails to sponsors, finding them and organise the whole thing. The party is on Wednesday and, as it seems by now, it will turn out great! We've prepared a whole bunch of surprises; we are also having a workshop on Monday, and ask them to make their own badges, using watercolors. There's so much creativity going on lately!
So today my group had a meeting to make the posters for the event. We used white cloth and waterpainted with our hands the text and made some ilustrations. We also had music, and the entire building was ours for the day. It was so fun dipping our hands in colors and getting creative on a huge piece of cloth!
Really, you should definitely try this whenever you have a little spare time. It's truly an amazing experience. Maybe it sounds odd, but you can feel the colors!

Ok, so enough with this already, here is a photo of me with one of my funny hats. It's just one of those winter-y photos, you know, when you feel all cold and freezing:

Sweet treats,

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