What I didn't buy today

Why, oh, why? Oh, I guess I just couldn't (or was too laaazy to) decide. Anyway, I thought taking some photos and maybe decide later. I'm a nut. What I did, however, was score really high points in some thrift shopping later in the afternoon. But that will be another post, I didn't have the time to take photos yet. So here's what I didn't buy. But don't regret it. Yet.
First, a blue sweater. I guess it was made of wool. The star looked fine, though.

Then, there was this minty sweater:

And this photo also shows my red shoes:

Last but not least, I found this pretty interesting green piece, which from the back looked like this:

A close-up:

I will do a post about the results of the thrift shopping I mentioned above. I ended buying four t-shirts and a silk purple scarf. So, coming soon.

Sweet treats,

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