Update #1

Today is this blog's one month anniversary! Yaaay! I decided to celebrate with an update, like I did two weeks ago.

I'm spending these days stocking on (fashion, aesthetic, lifestyle) magazines like mad! One can never tell they're too many, so I keep going. That's good. I'm getting bussier by the day as school projects keep on coming and I try to keep up. That's kind of bad. But I enjoy working on projects and I'm fascinated by what I'm doing, so that's excellent. I sure hope I will totally keep it this way.

Speaking about fashion, my recent obsessions are fluffy sweaters, long, colored scarves, light pink gloves and little flowers earings.

Always take some time to drink something hot when watching the rain outside. It will fill you with joy. Hope the weather is better where you live!

Sweet treats,


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