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Remember one of my previous posts about Coco Chanel saying fashion is architecture? I discover each day just how much these jobs that require creation are secretly connected to each other: photography, (fashion) design, painting etc.

Yesterday I had such an amazing afternoon! I had this designing class, which is more like a workshop. One of the teacher surprised us and prepared a movie projection! At first, I thought this is great, what could be more fun than that? Well, it turned out to be more like a documentary, a story-telling movie about this great architect, Frank Gehry. I must say I knew some of his work and considered it to be great even before watching the movie. The first part of the movie was no so interesting though. Then, at one point, everything seemed to become clearer and clearer to me as Gehry started explaining himself. I was so thrilled, I started taking notes! So here is what I wrote:

"What's exciting to me is the process. People don't realise how much time and effort has gotten into.

I don't like rejections so I wait until they [clients] come to me. The client is the most important to me.

What I'm fascinated about is the moment of truth. You have the canvas, the colors, and then what do you do?

Consensus is democracy. Express yourself dramaticly.

When I see something negative I usually try it on. I'm sure I can take something out of it. "

Such statements make me think that there's no difference in terms of creative mind and pure genius between someone like Gehry and Karl Lagerfeld or Vivienne Westwood. Even Coco Chanel suggested it! Just a thought...

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