On the street today

Today I finished classes earlier than I expected. When I got out I called my mum to see if by any chance she's not already on the way home. Luckly she wasn't so I suggested we should go visit some shops. You never know when a great deal shows up, right?

Now, I generally carry the camera with me everywhere I go. So this time, I took advantage of the fact that my mum gracefully offered to take some photos of me in the street. We haven't done this in quite a while, since April, I think. So, here I am:

I'm wearing last winter's jacket, even though I bought this new one. The scarf is new, I bought it yesterday and has a matching hat. The purse is one of my new current obessions, note the fact it's purple. I'm not obsessed, it's just that, this fall, things I like come only in purple. I generally don't go for color preferences first.
I'm wearing my comfy black reeboks, they keep me warm in rainy days. And, of course, I'm also sporting another new quisition, a grey headband. Here are some details:

I'm thrilled with it. I also got another one, in black. I think I'll have a separate post with what I bought yesterday, so you'll see it there. Well, that's about it for now, I'm quite tired, but I'll keep my promise with the special post.

Sweet treats,

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