Latest acquisitions

I must admit that lately I've been shopping a bit too much, if there is such thing. Oh well, what's a girl gonna do? So, here's the prey:

A scarf + a matching hat, and 3 (!) pairs of gloves. Two of them are fingerless but with detachable caps; one pair in pink and one in blue.

Two blouses:

Another 2 scarves. The first one is more like a shawl. I couldn't resist to the colors of the second one. Not to mention it feels very fluffy.

Yesterday I also got my eyes on a fab pair of black boots, so today I went out straight to buy them. Photos coming tomorrow. I'm a little sad because it keeps raining on and on since Sunday I think. And it's getting pretty hard to adjust, fashion-wise speaking. Can't wait to wear my oxfords again or take my new boots to a walk in the town!

Sweet treats,


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