Just how lucky can a girl get

I have been looking for a nice pair of boots to wear this fall. I really wanted them to have heels, but not too high. So yesterday I happened to go for a walk in the town, keeping my eyes open for the perfect pair of boots. I even tried on two pairs, but they just didn't fit properly. Then, completly out of the blue, I saw these violet leather boots, with shoelaces and all. So, I put them on, make a few steps and feel so incredibly confortable, I knew I had to have them. Here they are, in all their glory. Judge for yourselves!

After this amazing find, I was going on my way home, when I came across this shop. In the window I saw a nice cozy winter coat. I previously had tried on numerous coats, but none of them fitted properly. They either had the pockets too small, or they were too short. So, then again, I tempted my luck and tried the coat on. And, what do you know, it suited me perfectly. This is how I got myself the perfect winter coat.

I'm too thrilled for words. Especially with the boots. I think I'll eat, sleep and bathe in them for a long time from now on! Or maybe I should just resume to walk in them?

Sweet treats,


  1. Gorgeous shoes! Definitely worth bathing in ;-)

  2. those are really incredible shoes. i love brogues and purple is my favorite color. amazing find!

  3. Love it!! I found many Sierra Trading Post key codes on great quality of winter wears like jackets and coats...

  4. Gorgeous shoes! Definitely worth bathing in ;-)


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