Extra manicure tips

In addition to my manicure guide post, I decided to share with you all some more great ways to make your manicure look even cooler!

What I frequently use are special nail patterns. They come in sets of 10, in different shapes: hearts, stars, lines, dots, smiley faces etc. You apply them one by one on the nails and fill the pattern with colored nailpolish. My advice is to go for a contrasting color. This way, the pattern will look great! I wanted to take some photos of mine, but my camera is not working properly at the moment, so this will have to wait.

You should take into account the fact that you must use the nail patterns before applying the top coat. You don't want the colored pattern to last less time on your nails, do you?
Also, I suggest choosing power-colors like red, orange, black or purple. These colors have a big visual impact and are best suited on short nails. For long nails, go for pastels or neutral tones! If you choose pastels, you might consider decorating your nails with rhinestones. These are applied using tweezers and a special glue.

Of course, if you can't decide (or don't want) special patterns for that matter, there's always the french manicure. This classic will always look stylish!
Ok, I've already explained how I do my manicure, but here is a video on french manicure you might find usefull:

Now go get yourself a fancy manicure! For any other questions, I'm always here.

Sweet treats,

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