Cold day

Today was so freezing cold outside, I decided to spend the day indoors. The positive side was that I had enough time to do my manicure over and over again, till I finally was satisfied with the result.
I chose a pink nailpolish just to brighten up the day. Here's a photo, but I'm afraid that the pink looks more like red... Anyway, I assure you I got a very pink manicure ;)

In the evening I went to town to see some video projections at some local cultural center and foundation. After that I went for a tea with some friends and had a cup of warm tea which made me feel really sleepy. I think I'll have a good night sleep and hope only for the best from the weather forecast.
Sweet treats,

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  1. You have got to give me your manicure secrets sometime (ooh maybe do a post on it??), because mine always come out lumpy and uneven and smudged and the whole top half of my finger is covered in polish. It's bad news.


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