About new bags and thrift shopping

There's this shop I pass by everytime I take the bus, but I'm always on the run and never really have enough time to enter it. The shop always has some great-great bags in the window. So today I finally went in. And bought 3 handbags. I'm such a bag-obsessed I usually end up buy even more, it's like an addiction. Anyway, I foung these great little purses. They're made of leather, practical and so cheap I couldn't resist. Therefore, I plead guilty (with satisfaction).

And you wouldn't believe how thrilled I was when I realised I already had at home a belt which perfectly matches one of the bags:

This is the blue purse, I'm in love with the colour. It would make a perfect accessory for a night out in town! This is too good to be true.

Sweet treats,

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